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GM Document Reveals Corvette C8 With 6.2L DOHC LT5 V8

A member on Reddit, going by the name of Resident GM Fan, brought to our attention the fifth page of a document sent to GM service staff. Hidden on that page is confirmation that the 6.2-liter dual-overhead cam V8 will appear in the new Corvette C8.

The Passenger Car Engine Table details all of the car engines for GM’s 2018 models using internal codes and in the last row is an LT5. Described by GM as a DOHC 6.2-liter gasoline engine with eight cylinders, direct injection, variable valve timing, and an aluminum block; the engine’s application is listed as “Y”. That letter is GM’s internal designation for the Corvette line.

What the document doesn’t tell us is which Corvette model this engine will appear in. It definitely won’t replace the LT1 in the base model Corvette Stingray as that combination is listed on the 2018 model year sheet.

There are two new Corvette models in which the engine could appear, a C7 ZR1 and mid-engine Corvette Zora. In Corvette history, the LT5 only appeared once and that was in the C4-gen ZR1. Maybe GM will repeat history and put the engine in the C7 ZR1.

No matter which model the automaker decide to put the LT5 in we’re sure to see a higher redline, faster RPM change, and a bit of added weight in the new Corvette thanks to the Dual Overhead Cam.
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